Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Haunting Jordan by P.J. Alderman

Genre: Paranormal Cozy
Distributor: Bantam
Acquisition: Kindle
Length: 432 pages
Rating: G
Starring: Jordan Marsh, town friends, ghosts
Theme: The obvious choice isn’t always the right choice and that everyone, 100 years ago, left a diary.
Comments: This was an easy read. I read from front to back in two days, and I wanted the second in the series badly enough that I paid money for it. However, the second one needs to be a bit better than this one. I don’t buy that everyone left a journal, nor that all the journals were in such great shape that they were readable. Too, I want more questions answered by the ghosts. If I were solving a mystery and I had a ghost handy from that time period, I’d be interviewing them. That being said, town was great, characterization good (on live people, want more on the dead people). I also did not guess the bad guy, which always makes me happy. I know who I wanted it to be, but I’m not going to say because now I have a good plot for a suspense of my own.

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